Phallales » Steccherinaceae¬† » Rhomboidia

Rhomboidia wuliangshanensis

Rhomboidia wuliangshanensis C.L. Zhao 2020, in Xu et al., Mycotaxon, 134(4), 649-662. (2020).

Etymology: The specific epithet wuliangshanensis (Lat.) refers to the type locality, Wuliangshan

Diagnosis. Basidiomata annual, stipitate to substipitate. Pileus rhomboid, arising from a multiple branched stipe, edges curling slightly inward, 3.5 cm from the base to margin, 4 cm wide, up to 3 mm thick; pileus surface radially striate, slightly brown to orange brown when fresh, drying brown to reddish; the margin acute, entire. Pore surface white when fresh, cream to buff upon drying. Pores angular, 79 per mm, dissepiments thin, entire. Context corky, white, thin, up to 0.5 mm thick. Tubes concolorous with pore surface, corky, up to 2.5 mm long.

Index Fungorum Number: IF833320